Meet the team

Get to know the team that's working on developing Hornsea Project Three

We've made some changes based on your feedback

February 2018
As a Site and Land Rights Manager, I am responsible for liaising with any landowners that are directly affected by our proposed onshore works. See how we've incorporated your feedback throughout the development process.

From submarine wrecks to drones - find out what a Geographic Information Systems Specialist entails

June 2017
As the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist for Hornsea Project Three, I’m responsible for collecting and visualising the spatial data to aid the project team in designing all aspects of the offshore wind farm.

A big thank you to everyone who attended our recent community consultation events

March 2017
My role as Consultation Manager is to manage our pre-application consultation with members of the local community. On top of having a wide overview of the project, I'm also able to get out and about to meet key stakeholders, such as local councillors and residents, listen to their thoughts on the project and feed this information back to the wider team as the proposal is further refined.

Happy New Year from all at Hornsea Project Three

January 2017
We’re still in the very early stages of developing Hornsea Project Three, and are still scoping out the details of what the project will look like and where things will potentially go both onshore and offshore.